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Certification Halal - Islamic Inspection Service - SIILHalal

Halal certification occurs through the process by which an accredited party - the company SIILHalal - assesses and/or visits an organization (abattoir, meat packing company, plant or industry) and verifies that its production system meets the requirements of Islamic standards.

When the products and their production, in addition to the environment are in accordance with Islamic precepts, the certificate is issued in which it certifies that that product meets the requirements of the Halal standards.

Once the company has received its Halal certificate, SIILHalal, as a certifying body, accompanies the organization regularly to assess whether the company continues to meet the requirements of the standards.

How to start certifying your company?

The Halal certification process occurs as follows:
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Phase 2
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Issuance of the
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Cycle ativation

Some Benefits of Halal Certification

  • The differential in the opening of new Halal markets;
  • Ensures compliance of processes and results with standards and rules for Halal;
  • Extends responsibility and awareness of product quality among teams, trained according to Halal slaughtering rules;
  • Optimizes the use of time and resources, with supervised professionals;
  • Reduces product losses and failures due to the proven efficiency of Halal methods;
  • Increases awareness and traceability of products and services, meeting the demands of Halal consumers worldwide;
  • Gets you a competitive advantage in the Halal market;
  • Increases business performance and risk management;
  • Improves brand reputation and removal of trade barriers, attracting new investments;
  • Increases customer satisfaction.
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